Bionic Commando (Xbox 360 Demo)

I loved this game as a kid.  Bionic Commando was, as they say, “the balls.”  That’s a good thing, I assure you.  Prince of Persia and Ninja Gaiden showed us that remakes, when done well, can provide an equally impressive experience now as their predecessors did decades ago.  With that in mind, I eagerly downloaded the Bionic Commando demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace and gave it a whirl.

I was very disappointed with this demo.  There was no demo for single player campaign play, only a small Xbox Live multiplayer demo that I wasn’t able to play, since it couldn’t find any other players.  What the hell kind of demo doesn’t provide you with a sample of the single player gameplay?

Bionic Commando, you have let me down.

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    the game it’s self looks ….ok at best…not going to be the next metal gear solid for damned sure….

    most remakes are bogus…

    they focus too hard on graphics…leave out game play…and mediocre stories that make nintendo content look like lord of the rings in comparison

    though, i really like the new DS remakes of the FF series

    I really cant wait to play 6 in its revamped form…ugh but I have to wait till V gets here first :((

    Who the FUCK cares about the JOOOOOOB system ????

  • deaf_omega

    FYI, the BC:Rearmed is great

    I have it on steam and love it!

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