Blogathon Challenges and Obstacles

Half an hour passes quickly when you’re otherwise occupied.  I almost lost track of time while getting ready for work!  Luckily, I caught myself and got to a computer in time to get this beauty of a post up.

We have been signed up to participate in the 2009 Blogathon for a couple of weeks.  At the time, we had no other plans whatsoever for this singular Saturday.  Last weekend, however, our situation changed drastically.  For our new readers, allow me to provide a bit of back story.

On April 2, 2009, Lindsey (World of Meh co-author; you’ll meet her in a few hours) and I suddenly decided to get married after being engaged since June 19, 2008.  This came as a bit of a surprise to most people, as they had less than 24 hours notice for the wedding.  Because of this, many of the celebrations and congratulations one traditionally expects were unable to occur, which brings us to last weekend and our modified situation.

My mother decided that tomorrow was the day she would throw us a big family party to celebrate the wedding.  It would hardly be polite to decline such an offer even if we wanted to, so we accepted, already considering our game plan for the Blogathon.  On top of this, however, two of my very good friends from Sacramento (three hours from Fresno, our home town) were able to attend as well, meaning we would be entertaining guests in our home all day!  Including my time at work, our entire day is booked with activities other than the Blogathon!

However, we have made a commitment to the Blogathon, ourselves, and our readers.  We will not disappoint!  Every half hour, for 24 hours, a new post will be up on the World of Meh, obstacles be damned!

See you in 30 minutes!

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    fuck yeah, it is nice to see you youngens show such dedication…ya just don’t see that these days ^_^

    When I was your age……..

  • ancientwolf13

    Wow such a full plate. After all this You both are going to need to have some downtime to crash. Also congradts on the Wedding party. =)

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