Chatty Moogs

One thing we’ve noticed about Moogle is how curious she is. She wonders what is inside a cabinet, wonders what is so awesome about the fridge, and other things. She has also taken a great interest in our laptop and PC. She watches how the mouse cursor flits about the screen, and will stare at our fingers as they click on the keyboard.

When Chris is at work, him and I talk throughout the day on AIM. Sometimes I step away from the keyboard because I am getting food, going to the restroom, getting the mail, or taking Donnie outside to do his business. Before Moogle, Chris would sit there with silence on my end. Now that we have Moogs, something new has been happening.

Before I go and do whatever I need to do, I tell Chris that I will “be right back” or “brb.” Chris will then see on AIM that it says I am typing, however I will not be anywhere near the keyboard. Some seconds later, a message will be sent to him that typically looks like this: a111111111111111111111111111111stjp.

Little Moogs takes it upon herself to walk across the keyboard and send her Daddy a message. She almost always hits the ENTER key as well, sending the message to Chris and him getting a laugh out of it.

Yesterday her keyboard escapades went a step further. A few hours after completing the blog about our forums, I went back to check and see what our viewer stats were. I was surprised to find the screen back on the blog edit page, and the title of the blog changed to “pppppppppppppppppppppp.” Our cat is so talented that she managed to get into the edit post mode, change the title of the blog, and she even SAVED it. Of course I changed it back, so I apologize to any visitors of our blog who saw the “Moogs Edition” of my forum post.

So from here on out, if you see anything silly going on our blog with words or sentences, you can pretty much guess who did it:

Lady Moogs, Slayer of Keyboards and Internetz.

– She Who Has The Last Word

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