Commercial Ringtone Alarm

Many of you know that Chris and I both have iPhones. Both of ours are jailbroken, but mine is unlocked since I use it on T-Mobile.

Looking through Icy a week or two ago, I saw some ringtones of commercial jingles. I saw that the two packs contained the jingles to Fanta, Mentos, Hershey’s, K9 Advantix, Geico, Old Spice, and Snickers  so I downloaded both packs. Chris had to wake up early the following morning so I wanted to pick something so annoying, you couldn’t imagine being able to fall asleep.

Guess what I picked?

– She Who Has The Last Word

(PS – I’d like to add that the alarm goes off twice in the morning, once at 6:00 and again at 6:15, so we get a double dose of freshness 6 days a week!)

  • deaf_omega

    I used to loooove those commercials…and the old energizer bunny ones too!!

    that totally made me chuckle, I would probly do something like that…if it wouldnt get you punched for trying to car jack these days ^_^

  • No joke. If somebody tried to do that now, oh man… I can only imagine the things they’d try to charge you with.

  • deaf_omega

    I like the one with the girl and the car better 😀

  • deaf_omega

    I would probly just hurdle the car ^_^

  • Well, since we have like a half hour to write a blog, find videos, images etc… I just used the first result I got from searching.

  • deaf_omega

    LOL that is fine i just watched um all :))

  • ancientwolf13

    I used to like the Double Mint ones lol.

  • I remember the Double Mint ones. Those used to be so good. Now they just suck ass.

  • Ok, in the freeze frame of that YouTube video, does anyone else think that looks like Gary Busey?

    Seriously. Freaky smile.

  • deaf_omega


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