Corner Kick

Earlier my two visiting friends were playing FIFA 2007 on my Playstation 2.  During a Portugal / Argentina match, a sequence of events occurred that resulted in seven, count them, seven corner kicks on the same attack.

It was fairly ridiculous.

They eventually got past it with no goal.

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    I remeber playing soccer as a kid…they always made me goalie..cuz id get carried away and accidentally kicked alot of kids going for the ball ^_^

    or i forgot what my position was and just WENT for the BALL

  • I remember soccer as a kid… while walking past a game on the large grass area during recess, I got hit in the head right on my left temple with the soccer ball. My vision came to when I was on the complete opposite side of the field. A large group of the kids were actually really happy it happened to me. Why? I blocked the kick that could’ve been a winning goal. I got a concussion because of it.

    I. Hate. Soccer.

  • ancientwolf13

    I was a Striker when I played as a kid and teen before Hockey took over for me. Pretty much during the corner kicks I would try to head or kick it in when the ball crossed. My best game was 5 goals in a game. That game was of course when I was 7 and the other kids were more interested in digging in the dirt lol.

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