Electric Six

There is a band called Electric Six.  They are a strange band, but very musically talented.  Their songs are very catchy and have a great sound.  They are a bit on the odd side, however…  There are two songs in particular that I am fond of: Gay Bar and High Voltage.  A warning, however: if S&M bondage Abraham Lincolns and giant glowing orbs over genitalia bother you, these may not be enjoyable for you.

Just saying.

Electric Six – Gay Bar:

Electric Six – High Voltage:


-Because I said so

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  • ancientwolf13

    Yeah that Gay Bar song of there was big in the Myspace Video Game Forum last year lol. It was constantly popping up in threads.

  • deaf_omega

    a very interesting like 10 mionutes! thanks you very much

    and I know AI have seen the anime quoted at the end of the gay bar vid

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