Fable II (Partial Review)

I enjoyed the first Fable a great deal when I played it.  I love fantasy RPGs, especially ones that look like they take place in the standard human “Once upon a time…” environment.  Fable fit that very well.  Then we got the Xbox 360, and with it came Fable II.

Fable II, so far, has not been living up to its predecessor.  I feel that the interaction, combat, and leveling systems are inferior to those of the original Fable, reducing the enjoyment factor of Fable II.  Granted, I have not progressed very far in the game, but I don’t feel the same excitement in Fable II as I did in Fable.

I’ll have to go back into it one of these days and hope that the excitement appears.

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  • deaf_omega

    I havent played the first, I kinda stear clear of the Direct X box

  • ancientwolf13

    Played the First on PC, it was ok, but nothing amazing as I was more Hooked on the Sierra Adventure games. Then the Elder Scrolls series took up my time. I dunno about the second one as I’m hearing mixed things about it. If a PC version ever comes out (doubtful though) I’ll pick it up.

  • tinyvoid

    Sorry it took me so long to comment. I promise I’ll actually be around for the rest of the ‘thon.

    • Oh hi! There you are lol! I was wondering if you were just silently lurking, or if you forgot about us 🙁 But, glad you have you here!

  • tinyvoid

    I was definitely lurking. It’s my job. I just didn’t register to comment. My apologies.

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