Good Morning!

As you already know by now today is the Blogathon. I was so excited over it that I couldn’t sleep!

Chris has been taking on the posts starting at 6:00 AM, and since he is at work, I figured I would step in right now to relieve him. There is a lot going on today for us, as he already mentioned in a previous post, so we will be doing the Blogathon in shifts.

For my shift, I will be mixing things up a bit. We will be having prize giveaways throughout the day but to win them… you will have to post a comment on the blog post. In each prize giveaway blog, there will be more info.


To give you all a little teaser… the prizes will be Harry Potter related, and also Legend of Zelda for DS related. I might think of a few more things we could have contests for, so if I do check the blog!

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • deaf_omega


    he he

    Prizes PWN

    I am seriously surprized that you mentioned the earthsea book, you guys are just the fucking coolest EVER!!!!

    I will be tuning in to the live cast in like an hour if you are still doing it ^_^

  • ancientwolf13

    So I need to kiss up like the comment above me too lol. I’m just kidding lol. Sounds very interesting, now I just need to get caught up lol.

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