I don’t know what to put in this post

I have absolutely no idea what to put in this post.  I thought about it and thought about it, and finally decided to post about how I didn’t know what to post about.  That counts as a post, right?

It gets difficult when you don’t have any new experiences between posts to really talk about.  It makes finding new topics quite a challenge.  And yet, in a roundabout way, I’ve managed to come up with a topic to discuss without having a topic to discuss!

Need INPUT!  Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    you guys want some ideas?
    how about conversation starters?
    like best game ever…in a particular genre

    worst game ever??

    i dunno

    favorite or most memorable movie moment

    childhood stories

    do these give you ideas???

  • ancientwolf13

    You could rant about toys that say batteries not included lol.

    Cats and Dogs in the Chinese food Myth or Fact?

    Upcoming Concerts.

    Scented Shampoo, which makes you manly and which is girly?

  • tinyvoid

    It definitely counts as a post.

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