Lindsey made two little singles packets of Kool-Aid for us to drink.  The directions are fairly simple: mix the powder with sugar and water.

Each of the singles packets called for 1 cup of sugar, meaning she poured a full two-cup measuring cup of sugar into our serving pitcher.

Holy shit that’s a lot of sugar.


-Because I said so

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  • ancientwolf13

    Yeah it is, I tend to use 1/2 of the sugar when I make it myself. They do the same as what they call Sweet Tea over here, except it has the same or more sugar and can have more sugar than soda in it. I try to avoid that stuff when I can lol.

  • deaf_omega

    I always use less sugar(about a 4th a cup less) then they say…I am not a fan of sweets…except chocolate ^_^

  • I <3 sugar.... it's tasty!

  • ancientwolf13

    Not me I dislike sugary foods but the funny thing is that I’m Hypoglycemic lol.

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