It’s midnight. I honestly can’t believe that we have been blogging for 18 hours straight. I must say that this has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

My mind has been struggling for interesting things to blog about, and my poor eyes are tired from looking at a screen for so long today.

But you know what? It’s been worth it. It’s been so awesome that I can’t wait until the next Blogathon in 2010. Hell, maybe in 6 months we will do something like this again on our own just for shits and giggles.

Thank you readers for sharing this with us and being a part of something special.

Only 6 more hours to go!

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • ancientwolf13

    Hey there is nothing better than helping a good cause.

  • tinyvoid

    Not too much longer now!

    • Heading down the homestretch!

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