Moogle and the Sink

As our cute kitten Moogle is growing, she is getting more and more curious. One of her recent fascinations is the bathroom sink since she can easily access it.

Her first experience with the sink wasn’t a good one seeing that it was meant to get her wet as a punishment for doing something really bad, I can’t remember exactly what now, so at first she was really apprehensive.

My other cat, who isn’t staying with us, loves to drink out of the sink so I figured that little Miss Moogs would like it too. I first started out with the stream being really low and I would bat at it to show her that it can be fun. Doing that obviously peaked her curiousity since she moved closer to the sink.

Moogle the Kitty and the Sink

Then I actually lapped at the water coming out like she would to show her “this is what you do.” It worked because now… I give you Moogs drinking out of the sink!

Moogle the Kitty drinking out of the Sink

Way to go Moogs!

– She Who Has The Last Word

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