My Breakfast

Yes, I am blogging about my breakfast. Yes, you can start assuming that I am already running out of things to blog about… but you would be WRONG!

I am in a sharing mood today, and I view that by blogging about my breakfast, I am bringing you all one step closer into my sick and twisted world 🙂

This morning, I decided to have some Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. It’s a delicious cereal, although I can’t imagine it’s too good for you, but I love it.


Lately I’ve been on a peanut butter kick, so this cereal helps feed that need. Chris thinks I’m crazy because he despises peanut butter, but he doesn’t know what he is missing.

More for me!!!

Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch in a bowl

Me and the Cap’n make it happen!

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • deaf_omega

    what kind of Commi bastard doesnt like peanut butter!!!!!!!????

    Peanut butter is the crucial ingrediant to like…everything yummy!!!

    how can you make puppy chow with out PEANUT BUTTERRRRRRR

    or PB on waffles ????

    OR OMG reeses PB cups!!!!!!!!! who hates those!!!

    OMG!!! i wanna cry ^_^

  • I know!

    I can’t believe he doesn’t like peanut butter. Oh well. At least that means I don’t have to worry about anybody eating my Peanut Butter M&M’s!

  • deaf_omega

    will he eat peanuts??? or nothing to do with them at all??!?!?

  • He will eat peanuts, but if I remember correctly he prefers cashews.

  • deaf_omega

    cashews are the least nutritious nut! lol walnuts and almonds are the most!

    I eat peanuts because they are yummy ^_^

    I can eat like a whole loaf of bread with melted peanut butter on toast ^_^ i looooveeee goooooey peanut butter

    I make my own peanut butter cups too ^_^

  • I like peanut butter and honey sandwiches, I like peanut butter cups, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, peanut butter candies….

    I really like Macadamia nuts 😮

  • deaf_omega

    Maca cooookiiiiiieees with white chocolate chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do alot with peanut butter…even peanut butter playdough

  • YEAH! Chris loves those kind of cookies. They are even delicious with regular chocolate chips.

    Man, I am getting hungry again.

  • deaf_omega

    sooo. i have noticed…I seem to be the only participant…so what if I WIIIIN every prize ^_^ that would be wicked bad ass!!!

  • That very well could happen. But I will probably have the contest open for 24 hours, and then choose a random comment. It’s at least somewhat fair that way.

  • deaf_omega

    LOL awwwwwww bummer!

    so is it like trivia? or just a “best comment” award type thing, I am very curious!

  • I highly doubt it will be trivia, although that could spice things up a bit. To do it by “best comment” would be pretty mean lol. If it’s not trivia, then it will just be a random pick from the comments.

  • deaf_omega

    ohhh trivial things could be googled though
    and random could be hard to do too, like a point with your eyes closed thing ^_^

    hmmm, Maybe a list of questions pertaining to content?(that might be hard for those of us who miss a show or two…or like I have ADD LMAO)

    or Game trivia is always cool ^_^

    hmmmmmm, i dunno

    ATM I am looking at Elmo chairs !!! EEEEK they are sooooo cute

  • ancientwolf13

    I prefer the Crunch Berries lol.

  • deaf_omega

    ugh, crunch berries are good…but wayyyyy too sweet for my tastes

    I like taking peanut butter crunch and squirting cocolate syrup on it !!! YUMMMMMMMY ^_^

  • The Crunch Berries always tear up the roof of my mouth so I stopped eating those AGES ago.


  • deaf_omega


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