My Watch

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Lindsey bought me a watch.  It was not just any watch, however.  This was a Stuhrling Original.

Isn’t it awesome?

It’s difficult to see it in the photo, but the back panel of the watch is clear.  You are able to see straight through the mechanical workings of the watch!  It’s completely mechanical, but it’s also self winding.  There’s a mechanism that, as you move, takes even the slightest motion and winds the spring.  I love this watch.

Thanks, sweetie pie.

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    nice! for real
    kinetics are the shit

  • Yeah, I love it. I rarely have to wind it, and then it’s only when I haven’t worn it for a while.

  • deaf_omega

    I am stuck with battery powered ones ^_^

    sigh, but HEY that is the price you pay for sitting still for as long as I do ^_^ lmao SNES is sooooo addictive

  • ancientwolf13

    Really nice watch. I always liked those type of watches. I have just been too cheap to buy one lol.

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