Pan Fried Hot Dogs Part 2

Well, they are good hot dogs.  I never thought of pan frying hot dogs in butter, but it came out well.


Good job Pej.

-Because I said so

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  • deaf_omega

    YEAHHHH i usually coin them before frying ^_^

  • ancientwolf13

    Same here I slice them up too when cooking them.

  • deaf_omega

    OK, since you two have been working so hard today, I decided to create a MICROblog, or a blog within a blog LMAO

    Today has been interesting, I woke up at 5 am to my baby girl giggling in my face! she was making my sleepy ass kiss elmo and thought this was just halarious!

    I turned on her saturday show tape, and layed back down till her sister was up too

    now normally this is an easy morning, but my oldest wanted to play 1000 questions and there was a WHY to each answer LMAO, what a cliche child behavior

    I went upstairs and made a delicious breakfast of bacon eggs and a tasty bagle with spinich and artichoke creamcheese

    after meal and clean up, the kids slowed down and played while watching their shows.. that is when I discovered that the BLOGOTHON WAS ON!!!!

    So I have been juggling ravid children, a crazy amount of TXTS on my phone, several phone calls, and all hese blog comments too boot

    and you know what! this is probly the best day in a long while

    i mean hell! a friend i havent seen in two years is coming out and hangin with me in a little bit too!!!!!!!

    how cool is that!?!?!

    and there you have it, I blog within a blog LMAO

  • Oh very cool! But good gravy, I feel like giving you a megaphone and a top hat so you can be an announcer for a circus and say “Step right up…” and then go on to discuss the acts lol

  • deaf_omega

    LOL, I ma not sure how to take that ^_^

    I would have done nothing but kids and SNES today if not for this LOL

  • deaf_omega

    and my friend bailed on my outta nowhere…she was on her way and….nothing

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