Portable Hard Drive

Yesterday, my mom bought a portable hard drive to store all of her documents, photos, videos, etc.  She wanted to be able to take all of her files with her wherever she went.  She ended up getting the Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB external portable USB hard drive for $119.99, a great deal for 500gb of portable storage.

The great thing about the small portable USB hard drives is that they don’t require an additional power source; they power themselves from the laptop.  This means you can access your portable hard drive wherever you are, even if there’s no outlet nearby.

It’s a great little hard drive, about 1/3rd the size of a small paperback book.  If you need to have portable access to a large quantity of files, this is the kind of thing you need.

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  • ancientwolf13

    Yeah I love those things I have a few of them. It makes it easy to take everything off my PC and bring it along to use on my laptop when I travel such as my movies and games.

  • deaf_omega


    This is for after I sort my stuff, so I can fill it with movies and other stuff for easy transport ^_^

  • ancientwolf13

    I just use 3 of these. They fit right into the pouches on my Laptop bag where as the bigger My Book ones are too big to fit.


  • deaf_omega

    true the one i want is pretty large but i only intend to use it for quick media sharing

    those one tb are nice lookin though… may hafta change my wish list

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