Smallville: No Experience Needed

Anyone who has watched the MehCast on a regular basis will know that I have nothing but contempt for the TV series “Smallville”.  I think the entire series is an affront to the Superman mythos, and an embarrassment to his name.  Lindsey, however, loves the series.  This has lead to regular conflicts between us on this subject.  Since the physical proof of the TV show itself is apparently not enough to describe how much it sucks, I am always on the lookout for something, anything, that helps prove my point, hoping that one day, I would succeed.

That day may be today.

I was browsing the articles on Superhero Hype! (one of the best superhero movie news sites around), when I came across an article discussing a potential sequel to 300.  Looking in the right side bar, I saw this advertisement:

No Experience Needed!No.  Experience.  Needed.  Smallville is the McDonald’s of the tv world!  I have validation!  WOO!

-Because I said so

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