Sword of Truth – Stone of Tears

Terry Goodkind continues the story of Richard Rahl in Stone of Tears, book two of the Sword of Truth series.


Richard, after discovering in the first book that he is the son of the evil tyrant he had to defeat, finds himself seemingly betrayed in this book, putting him up against a new set of foes, both intellectual and physical.  In another fantasy genre cliche move, Richard finds out that he is special beyond the other wizards and people in the world.  I mentioned in the first book review that no wizard in 3,000 years had been both with both sides of magic.  Richard, apparently, is the first in all of that time to have both sides within him.  Now, not only is our hero risen from a modest standing, but he is also uniquely gifted in all the world.  He needs these new gifts,  however, as a new, menacing enemy is hinted at.  Richard’s abilities are further revealed in a slowly expanding story that will continue on for nine books after this one.  At almost 1,000 pages, Stone of Tears is another exercise in commitment, but it is well worth the time.

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