The Crystal Cave

Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy takes the reader through the life of Merlin, the great wizard of Arthurian legend.  The first book in this trilogy is The Crystal Cave.


The Crystal Cave begins a more detailed and somewhat new story of Merlin’s childhood and youth.  The first book sees Merlin progress from a bastard child into the acknowledged son and heir of Aurelius Ambrosius, High King of all Britain.  It also tells the story of his ascent into true power.  The Crystal Cave gives readers a very insightful look into the life and mind of one of history’s greatest legends, Myrddin Emrys, known as Merlinus Ambrosius, known as Merlin the Enchanter.

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    hmmm I will have to check it out, I like how you are covering books in a reading based marathon 🙂

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