The Farthest Shore

The Farthest Shore is the final tale in the Earthsea Cycle, and satisfactorily brings Ged’s story to a conclusion.  The Farthest Shore picks up the tale approximately two decades after the conclusion of The Tombs of Atuan.


The Farthest Shore sees the peace that Ged brought Earthsea after the events of The Tombs of Atuan beginning to deteriorate after the magic of Earthsea begins to fail.  The story becomes a race against time, and against evil, to prevent the complete loss of magic from the world of Earthsea and to reverse what has been done.

Throughout the Earthsea Cycle, Ged the Sparrowhawk becomes the kind of heroic figure that people admire greatly, not only because of his immense power, wisdom, and humility, but also because of the arrogant, proud, impetuous child he once was.  Seeing the conclusion to his story is both satisfying and saddening.  This book marks the end of one of my very favorite fantasy characters.  I highly recommend this series for any reader.

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  • deaf_omega

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i loved wizard of earthsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME TOO! While I was cleaning out one of my closets at mom’s house last week or the week before last, I found a box with some of my books that I had stashed away and pulled out all three of the Earthsea books (I don’t count Tehanu as a real Earthsea Cycle book). I re-read them in a flash.

  • deaf_omega

    I never had the second book…I had the first and the third but couldnt find the second…so wizard was all I read :((

    but it was sooooo cool!

  • The second book was good, but the first and third were better. I can send you my copy of the second book, if you want. I’ve read it a bunch of times.

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