Wedding Presents

We decided to tear open a few of our wedding presents and see what we got.

First up, from one of my mom’s cousins, we got a nice crystal fruit bowl.

photo 2

From my aunt, we got a very nice tea set, including cups, saucers, and more.


From another of my mom’s cousins, we got a nice crystal platter.

photo 5

Yet another of my mom’s cousins got us a wonderful crock pot (finally, something practical!).

photo 3

One of my cousins got us a45 piece set of flatware (another practical gift!).

photo 4

And last, but not least, one of my uncles gave us a check (three practical gifts in a row!  score!).

(Sorry, no picture of this one!)

Only a few people brought gifts, but that’s ok because it wasn’t really a gift giving party.

-Because I said so

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