Sword of Truth – Confessor

Confessor is the eleventh, and final, book in the Sword of Truth series.  Terry Goodkind brings his story to its ultimate conclusion in this gripping finale.


Confessor is the final book in the Chainfire trilogy, as well as the Sword of Truth series.  Richard has been captured by the Imperial Order, but they are unaware of his identity, thinking he is only a common individual.  Richard manages to escape, however, after causing a riot in the army camp.  Kahlan recovers her memory of who she is, but not of her past.  The Imperial Order has conquered all of the New World except for the final fortress of D’Hara, Richard’s capital.  Richard must find Kahlan, find the Sisters of the Dark and the magic of Orden, and defeat the military forces of the Old World before magic, and life, are stamped out.

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