Heavenly View

This was written for Lindsey.

Whenever I’m with you,
Gazing deep into your eyes,
I see such a heavenly view,
And all fear within me dies.

As I journey further in,
My heart and soul are pained
By the overwhelming din
Of the joy that I’ve attained.

It feels like an eternity,
Time itself seems to halt.
A wave of peace engulfs me,
And fills my aching heart.

My only wish is to stay,
Gazing deep into your eyes,
For eternity, and a day,
For the rest of our lives.

I'm the Ambassador of Kickyourassador. I am the Walrus. I'm on a highway to the Danger Zone. I am the Kwisatz Haderach.I do things with words that have a generally geeky gist.
  • deaf_omega

    you guys are too cute

    I anxiously await the return of the show

    hope things are going a bit better for you both 😀

  • Don’t quote me on this, but I have a feeling that the show will be making some sort of return in mid to late February. We’ll have some big changes coming up, and it’ll be a nice way to really re-introduce everything.

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