Super Mario Galaxy: Progress Update 15

(Editor’s note: This was written in September.  It has been waiting on the fancy little “Featured Articles” icon to be created.  This means the last time I played SMG was in June.)

Wow.  Three months since I last played Super Mario Galaxy.  Time to jump back in and grab a few more stars!  With my last update, I had unlocked and completed the Trial Galaxies.  I am now ready to continue into the Bedroom Observatory to tackle the Gusty Garden Galaxy!

In the Gusty Garden Galaxy, I was faced with multiple floating islands with a special flower.  The special flower raised me up into the air currents and pushed me towards the next island.  I had to spin the flower to regain altitude, but the drawback is that you only get three spins before the flower disappears, so they had to be timed just right!  Eventually, I arrived at a cube shaped planet.  To win this star, I had to chase and catch a rabbit.  It took a ew moments, but in the end, the deed was done and the star was mine!

The second run through the Gusty Garden Galaxy gave me a new enemy, the burrowing moles.  These moles had spiked hard hats on, so I couldn’t just thwomp them.  I had to butt slam the ground next to them in order to bring them above ground, then spin attack them.  At the end of this star level, I had to battle Major Burrows, the giant burrowing mole.  This took a slightly different strategy, because he was big, and fast.  He spent most of his time underground, instead of half-underground like the previous burrowing moles.  I could only get him to pop up fully after he surfaced half-way to get his bearings.  A ground pound would pop him out and in, and a second ground pound would pop him out and stun him.  A spin attack later, and he drops back into the ground.  Rinse and repeat, and voila, the second Gusty Garden Galaxy was mine!

The final star had a great series of gravity puzzles and traps.  It was pretty straightforward, but very fun.

That’s it for progress update 15!  Hopefully it doesn’t take another three months for me to get around to progress update 16!

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