Super Mario Galaxy: Progress Update 16

(Editor’s note: This was written in September.  It has been waiting on the fancy little “Featured Articles” icon to be created.)

Welcome to Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 16!  I went back to the Gusty Garden Galaxy for a hidden star.  There was nothing new to do, just a few secret things to unlock.  While there was nothing new, this one was fiendishly difficult.  Timing played a great part in making sure each of the giant coins was grabbed, then there was a race to the objective before my star power ran out.  In the end, though, yet another star made its way into my pocket.

Upon completion of this fourth star, I noticed that the Daredevil comit was in orbit around the Gusty Garden Galaxy, giving me a fifth star to grab!  I had to beat Major Burrows again, but with only one health piece!  One hit and I was a goner.  Major Burrows was easy, though, since I figured out how to defeat him last update.  One quick battle later, and another star was mine!

Having finished every other galaxy in the Bedroom Observatory (except for the Bowser Boss galaxy), I went back into the Dusty Dune Galaxy.  This star was interesting.  There was a great deal of fast moving sand that kept you moving in a particular direction whether you wanted it to or not.  Smart navigating and jumping was the key to making it past this obstacle.  Then, a double sided world with a timed obstacle was the last thing standing between me and my star!

That’s it for progress update 16!  Progress Update 17 should be coming sometime this week!

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