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I use Google Voice.  I think it’s fantastic.  I especially love how it will do a voice to text translation of voicemails and send an email transcript.  I do not love it for its accuracy.  On the contrary, I love it for its complete inaccuracy and butchery of the English language.  Allow me to demonstrate:

I have a few voicemail transcripts that are so sufficiently garbled that they can’t help but protect the identity of the caller, as well as the content of the message.

Well, Christopher Hi, this is mom.  Don’t worry about it.  Pinebelt question and I have some fish if you want.  Fisherman make you some fish, but I didn’t include and just stop by and get some check in with me if you can for the rest of us and Hey Kit, with invite if you get to.  So I’ll make your fish and if you want creation away but purchasing tickets.  If you don’t want fish said, Go ahead and get that you can and bring it to me so if you have any questions give me a call right now.  I’m on my lunch for the next, probably, 2025.  I was just trying to pick up stuff on the floor.  Yes, this is of.  Anyway, I’ll talk to you later.  Love you bye.

Yeah.  Fisherman make you some fish.

Good Morning.  This is Jonathan frame all calling.  I have been paying well.  Anyway, I’m just calling to let you know.  Instead 17.  Thank you.  8.  They’re gonna be going to do today, so how.  You know, maybe we can meet on those, I can give you the keys with the house and the contract, so if so you know if you wanna move everything Ireland you know it has been some of his you know you have the key.  Anyway, I’m in town and they just give me a buzz.  Alright.  Thank you and I will talk to you.

Her name isn’t Jonathan, by any stretch.

Yeah, Hello yeah i was just gonna ask you.  I forgot to ask you if you guys are they got you a call at the or.  I’ve got to call at one of them.  First reading the shoes at the runs just individual and doesn’t take one of them committee.  If it if you guys don’t have her call it.  I was just use the one, this is of it and you should give me a call.  Let me know please.  Bye.

I stopped reading shoes ages ago.

If you could just give me a call.  I have to step in fact, at this it is not working.  Give me a call please.  His with you.

His most certainly is not with me.

I’m calling from Xbox Customer Support.  In regards to the she, Your have and with the problem.  Vermont tonight dates you’re not there when you can please give us a call back number, 1.  For my xbox with your Reference Number want 120-4283 Staffing for further assistance.  Thank you.  Talk to you soon.  X box and have a good day.

I’ve never been to Vermont.

I’m xbox Support.  And apart.  And I guess you had a couple of them on getting less you’re not available.  Any to please give us a call back at 1 800 For my xbox with your reference number one on your own twine 842-8313 For further assistance.  Thank you purchasing X box and have a good day.

Wow, the sentient essence of Xbox Support itself called me.  I’m honored.

I love Google Voice.

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