I’m Sick!

I hate being sick, I really do….so when I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, I simply assumed it was allergies. Plus, Chris informed me that I was snoring like a bear in my sleep. Two logical reasons for me to have a sore throat.

Drinking hot tea didn’t get rid of it, and this morning when I woke up, it was worse. Thinking that maybe it could be my acid reflux, I got out of bed and went to take my Prilosec. I put the kettle on to make some hot tea, and then grabbed a glass so I could take my pill with some water. In hindsight, I thought I was doing something positive for my body. Boy was I wrong!

Immediately after drinking the water to take my med, I got nauseated, and proceeded to empty the entire contents of my stomach (pill too) into our kitchen sink. Good morning to me! So far, I’ve managed to drink my tea, eat some bland crackers, and have a few throat lozenges. I’m so thankful for my chair (yes… I said MY CHAIR!) because I can lay back, recline, and be on the PC comfortably. I don’t want to get up and go anywhere because when I do, I get nauseated and it sucks.

If anybody wants to send me some soup, I’m here, just make sure to keep your  nasty germies away from me!


  • deaf_omega

    LOL @ Chris

    I hope ya get to feeling better

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