Well over a year ago, I posted about the then-upcoming new series from Mark Waid titled Irredeemable.  The series started in April of 2009, but I didn’t get a chance to pick it up until this past weekend.  What happened this past weekend?  Free Comic Book Day happened.

While standing in line at Heroes here in Fresno, I started thinking to myself, “Hey, when we get in there, why not see if they have back issues of Irredeemable and pick up the first few issues?  After we pick up our free comics, of course.”  Well, as we stood in line and gazed upon the wall of free comics, examining the available titles, my eye reached none other than Irredeemable issue #1.  As soon as we got home, I dropped everything, emptied my pockets, jumped onto the couch, and started reading.

It was phenomenal.

I managed to get my hands on issues #2-12 and read through them all, and only became more and more enamored with the world Mark Waid has created for Irredeemable. I’ve read through these 12 issues three times, now, in the past six days, and I’ll probably read through it all again this weekend in anticipation of the release of the 13th issue this month.  The Plutonian’s transition from the world’s greatest hero to its greatest villain was phenomenal.  When the UN ambassador from Singapore had the audacity to lie to The Plutonian, he decided to create a fused layer of diamond in the middle of Singapore.  What’s that, you say?  Giving Singapore a giant diamond can’t be that evil?  No, I suppose you’re right.  Unless…well, unless you use that giant fused diamond as a way to spread your power in order to SINK SINGAPORE.  As in, push the landmass under sea level.

Check this series out.  I’m serious.

-[insert OH SHIT, SINGAPORE! here]

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