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A couple of weeks ago, there was a large Twitter event at the Fresno Zoo, called Wild Fresno. The entire zoo was closed to the public, and only open for local Tweeters. At this event, the Fresno Beehive organized a Twitter based scavenger hunt, with prizes for those who completed it. I won a t-shirt and Lindsey won baseball tickets. With these prizes, we got to go to the Jo Koy show Saturday night for free.

To elaborate, we did not use the baseball tickets or the t-shirt to get in to the show. One of our Twitter friends hoped to win the first prize, which included baseball tickets. Unfortunately, she fell slightly short and won Jo Koy tickets instead. As neither of us like baseball all that much, a trade was made, and there was much rejoicing.

We got to the theater slightly before the scheduled start of the show (I specify that we arrived before the “scheduled” start of the show, because the show did not start exactly on schedule) and LET ME WRITE MY ARTICLE, WOMAN! Sorry, had some unsolicited creative input from the Missus. As we sat waiting for the show to begin, a local radio DJ played a random selection of songs to pass the time. Finally, the first opener came on.

Adam Hammer came on and gave a great performance. He had a great bit about drunk driving statistics, another great bit about free range cows, and another good bit about marijuana as a gateway drug. His delivery and timing were excellent, and he had us cracking up consistently.

After Adam Hammer finished his opener, Thai Rivera came out and got right into his set. Thai started his set by warning the audience that he may offend us with non-politically correct jokes and comments. He then proceeded to give us some of the best racial stereotype jokes I’d heard in a while. He had a very conversational style that made it easy to relate to the stories he was telling.

After Thai, Jo Koy made his entrance, to a deafening reaction from the audience. I had never heard his stand-up routines, and had only seen him on Chelsea Lately, which I am not really a fan of. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show as much as I did. It was phenomenal. He did all new material, which was great. He talked about Thai at length, as well as his son and family. After he finished his regular set, he was having such a good time with the audience that he decided to take requests for jokes. We heard Orange Chicken and Game Over, among others. Once he finished the jokes, he still wanted to hang out so he had the DJ start playing songs for him and the audience to sing along to. He has a great singing voice, to be honest.

After the show, they were available for photos, so we grabbed a few pictures for posterity!

Us with Jo Koy after the show

Us with Adam Hammer after the show

Us with Adam Hammer after the show

Thai Rivera with Lindsey after the show

Thai Rivera with me after the show. Lindsey says having my hand on his shoulder makes me gay because it's a sign of male dominance. I was just being polite. And gay, apparently. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I’ve noticed that most pictures of me don’t come out well.  I have a creepy stare and weird smile.  It is my burden to bear, I suppose.

Overall, it was a fantastic show. Both of the openers were strong enough to carry their own show, and Jo Koy was hilarious. It was free, but it was a show I would gladly have paid for.

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  • deaf_omega

    I wish they did stuff like that here in lincoln, but if they did it would be a bunch of preppy college kids acting retarded, rather than an entertaining social event

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