Slipknot Bassist Found Dead

Paul Gray, bassist for Slipknot, and also known as #2 or “The Pig.” was found dead this morning in a TownPlace Suites hotel room by one of the employees. Police are saying that they don’t believe that foul play was involved (hooray for chickens) but some are speculating a drug overdose. He was only 38.

Before their self-titled album was released, I was a fan of Slipknot. I remember being 16 when a friend came up to visit from the Los Angeles area. He had this cassette with him, and it was a demo/singles tape for Slipknot. It only had like 3 songs on it, but as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to get the album when it came out. That first album was so incredible. The drums were heavy, the vocals were menacing, and every song made you want to leap up and punch somebody in the face. It was fantastic.

In honor of Paul, I leave you with this video, one of my favorite Slipknot songs:


– Me

  • deaf_omega

    it is always sad to see someone talented pass on
    but I just got reemed for absolutly NO REASON by someone grieving this mans death(like I understand she likes the music, but WTF, it isnt like they were homies)

    anywho LOL

  • deaf_omega

    also…I really gots to get an avatar…. 😛

    • Getting an avatar is easy. Go to like Gravatar/ and you should be able to handle it all there. That’s what we did.

      As for that person going ape shit on you, that sucks. When things like this happen, fans tend to go a little crazy. Remember how insane Nirvana fans became after the death of Kurt? There was this one girl I was friends with, and we were in a Hot Topic store (mind you, I was in Middle School) and she saw this t-shirt on the wall with a child picture of Kurt on it. She, no joke, burst into tears in the middle of the store. It was so ridiculous, and so fucking embarrassing…. but it’s a story to tell the kids lol!

      • deaf_omega

        I was shocked to hear that George Carlin died, but I wouldnt cry over the man, to me, that would be obsurd.

        I was a big nirvana fan, and his death(IMO) couldnt have come at a better time in his career.
        at least he didnt live long enough to mess it all up with the solo crap he was planning ^_^

        plus it solidified his place in history, and gave his music immortality he himself couldnt have offered it.

        • When I found out Michael Jackson died, I cried, mainly because he was a big part of my childhood. I remembered watching his music videos, owning the Moonwalker movie on VHS, having friends try to do his dances, and other things. It was more for the nostalgia, and how it was a part of my childhood dying, granted it was sad what happened to him and how he died.

          I know it sounds mean but I’m glad Kurt died. I grew tired of his whining. I didn’t find him to be very talented at all, and I thought it was absurd that his band got all the credit for bringing Grunge music to the masses, when there were other bands who were more talented (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains) who were around before Nirvana, who did it better than Nirvana, but didn’t get even a fraction of the credit they did.

          Only good thing that came out of Nirvana was Dave Grohl. That dude is seriously talented.

          • I both agree and disagree.

            1) Dave Grohl is extremely talented, and while I have no doubt he would have found success without Nirvana, I believe that without Nirvana it would have taken longer, and we would not have had so many years of Dave.

            2) I think Nirvana was a great band. I think they embodied an attitude that was becoming very prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s youth culture, and they managed to express it very well.

            3) I agree that, while they were the first to mainstream Grunge, they do not deserve the credit they receive for essentially creating grunge. They were, however, in the forefront of the genre, and were the first to introduce it to mainstream audiences. Without that breakthrough, along with Pearl Jam’s Ten, we may not have had such a strong grunge influence in the early-mid 90s, and subsequent genres may not have emerged as they did.

            4) I agree that Soundgarden did it better than Nirvana. Soundgarden did it better than anybody, in my opinion.

            5) Not to sound crass, but Kurt died at the right time, before he and the band declined. He traded his life for his legacy. I am worried that the new Soundgarden album may ruin their legacy, for example, in the same way that Pearl Jam has ruined theirs, for the most part.

            6) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.

            7) Edit: I think I just hit the comment nesting limit. I HAVE THE LAST WORD IN THIS COMMENT THREAD! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • deaf_omega

        yay working avatar

  • deaf_omega

    come on now, nirvana had some good songs(not nearly as many as people would like to fabricate) but I do see your point, areound that time there were many other bands doing alot of better work

    I always wondered why the only song anyone ever knows by Marcy Playground is “sex and candy”…it is all in the advertising(and god that song SUCKS)

    • I don’t care for them. Kurt’s voice is so scratchy it makes me want to kill myself. His voice and the lead singer for Disturbed drive me crazy. I can’t stand it.

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