Father’s Day Deal – Xbox 360 Arcade

Are you a father?  How about a father-to-be?  Do you have a father?  Do you know someone who is a father?  Do you know someone who has a father?  Do you know that fathers exist somewhere in the world, even if you have no connection to any kind of father or father-figure whatsoever?  Has the word father started sounding really weird to you yet?  If you answered yes to any of these (or even if you answered no to them all), then you just might be interested in Father’s Day Sales.  One in particular has captured my attention, and it comes from Wal-Mart.

With the announcement and subsequent release of the new slim Xbox 360, the old models have seen price drops to clear out inventory.  The Xbox 360 Arcade, once $199, has dropped to $149.  Wal-Mart has gone one step farther (father).  If you buy from Wal-Mart from now through Father’s Day (June 20th, 2010), you not only get the two games (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Pinata), the wireless controller, and the 256MB memory card (keep in mind the Arcade has no hard drive for save games, etc), but you also get a Wal-Mart eGift Card worth $50.

With the ability to utilize USB drives as extra storage now included with the Xbox 360 software, a simple thumb drive or portable hard drive can be hooked up to serve as your HD for save games, DLC, etc for much cheaper than a full Xbox 360 would have been!

I’m seriously tempted to get one, so that Lindsey and I can both play multiplayer Borderlands or Red Dead Redemption (which only allows one person to play multiplayer at a time for each console, which is fucking ridiculous), or full-screen multiplayer Left 4 Dead 2, etc without the sacrifice of split-screen.  Unfortunately, that means we’d have to start buying duplicate copies of games.


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