Huggies Jeans…Diapers?

Lately I’ve been watching television, which is rare since I mostly spend my time either playing video games or on the computer. One commercial in particular has caught my eye, and as I type this, it’s on TV. No lie.


Huggies diapers, that look like jeans. Why? Fortunately they are limited edition, because I think these are just horrid. There is no way I would put these on a child, or anybody for that matter. When looking at the Huggies website, they say how the fashion world is going ga-ga for diapers, and that wearing them is “the coolest you’ll look pooping in your pants.” You can’t make this stuff up folks.

– Me

  • deaf_omega

    i pooo in blue ROFL

    • Ridiculous, no? When I was working on that article I had the TV on, and I swear… at every single commercial break, I had to listen to that. Almost drove me mad.

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