I’m Sick

So, I’m sick.  I’ve been sick since Wednesday, and I’ve been home from work since yesterday.  I’ve had a fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, massive dong (that one’s for you, sweet cheeks, but if any of my family are reading this, you can go ahead and ignore that bit), an incredibly runny nose, an upset stomach, and more.  Lindsey’s been doing a good job of taking care of me, and I thank her for that.  I just wanted you guys to see something.

This is a big glob of mucus that I coughed/sneezed out of my throat last night after my cousin’s high school graduation.  The main part of that was about the size of a quarter.

Hope you enjoyed my mucus.

-[insert I’VE HAD REALLY BAD GAS TOO here]

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  • deaf_omega

    you sick sick fuck

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