*UPDATED* Now I Can Pee Like A Man!

*UPDATE* – I missed it before because it didn’t show up in Google Chrome, but on the How To page, there is an actual video. Seeing that I couldn’t add it to the post, I searched on YouTube and came across it, but the YouTube version includes an AMAZING song lol! Scroll down to bottom of post for video. Slightly NSFW.

OK… so, as a woman, I’ve almost always been jealous of how men can pee while standing up. I also hate how they can write their name in snow, whereas I have to squat and freeze my little butt cheeks. Having been born with my lady parts, I’ve found myself having to hold the urge to pee sometimes. This is due to inadequate restroom facilities, or simply none at all. Last thing I want to do is risk peeing outdoors somewhere and missing the mark, causing urine to go everywhere. Gross, gross, and did I say that it’s gross?

Today I stumbled upon this fantastic little invention that will allow ladies to pee like men, and I’m seriously considering getting some. Why? Well sometimes public restrooms are filthy and the thought of touching anything makes me die a little inside. I present to you all the Urinelle!

Now, the Urinelle is for more than just peeing like a dude. It can be used for when you need to provide a urine sample, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally pissing on your hands. Believe me, it’s not a good feeling. Also, it’s great if you have to go camping or do something else far away from a public restroom. Ladies won’t have to worry about peeing on their clothing, or it running down their leg. It happens gents, so be glad that you were born with a penis. Urinelle is 100% natural and biodegradable! Once you’re done with it, all you do is flush it down the toilet and wah lah! I personally would still use a bit of toilet paper to dabble my bits, but that’s just me. I’d feel unclean if I didn’t.

If  you’re wondering how it works, this little diagram that I found on the website should provide you all the information you’d ever need…..

So there you have it. Gone are the days where I freak out about ‘water’ drops left on public toilet seats. Gone are the days where I freak out because the stall I’m in is out of seat covers. Gone are the days where I don’t want to go camping, fearing that I’d have to risk potential piss on my legs or clothing. Thank you Urinelle. Now I can really be like ‘one of the guys’ and draw pretty urine unicorns in the snow.


– Me

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