Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer

Well I’m a little late to the zombie party. Apparently back in April the trailer for the new Resident Evil movie was released, and I’m just now getting around to it. Oops!

Resident Evil: Afterlife takes place in Los Angeles. Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, got a tip that LA was a safe haven from the infection, but when she arrives Alice quickly discovers that the entire city has been destroyed and is filled with the brain lovers. Ali Larter reprises her role as Claire Redfield, and we also see Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine (again), and good ol’ Wesker in this one. I love the Resident Evil franchise, so much that I’ve played pretty much every single game Capcom has released, minus the terrible rail-style ones for the Wii they put out, and I own all of the RE movies on DVD.

From what I saw in the trailer, it’s as if they incorporated a bit Violet, from Ultra Violet, but I guess it works since Milla was that character too. I wasn’t too keen on the fact that they were so big on pushing the fact that it’s filmed in 3D and using the same tech that was used in Avatar, because, frankly, I’m sick of every single movie coming out in 3D. Also, I hope they don’t fuck up Wesker because I adore his character. On a final note, I highly approve of the song choice used in the trailer. Nothing like some Maynard and A Perfect Circle to get a girl excited!

Resident Evil: Afterlife comes out on September 10th. Will you be seeing it?


– Me

  • deaf_omega

    I will watch it because I love RE, but the last movie was terrible.(i dont count the CG one done last year)

    I have played most of the series(not the outbreaks on PS2, and I never beat Code Veronica, and 5 hasnt been on sale yet)

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