Amazon Lightning Deals for Xbox 360

Amazon Lightning Deals for Xbox 360

On Amazon today, take advantage of some amazing deals on Xbox 360 games!

Known as “Lightning Deals,” it’s similar to a Woot-Off: There are limited quantities, you only have a specific amount of time to purchase the item, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.¬†Currently, and until 9 AM PST, Singularity by Activision is available for only $39.99. It comes with a bonus graphic novel, and it’s a hell of a deal.

Now, there is one huge twist to the Amazon Lightning Deals, and it’s this: the site tells you the times a new game is available, but all they give is a clue. For the rest of the day, Amazon is offering these 360 titles:

  • 9 AM PST: Go West, young man.
  • 11 AM PST: Journey to a land of legendary combat.
  • 12 PM PST: Street Fighter IV button mashing
  • 3 PM PST: The first modern day spy role-playing game.
  • 4 PM PST: Hone your stealth skills.
  • 6 PM PST: Life 23 years from now.
  • 9 PM PST: Explore the deadly, shadowed world of an Assassin.

If I had to guess I’d say some deals will be Red Dead Redemption, a Halo game of some sort, Splinter Cell Conviction, Assassins Creed II, and the rest I’m a little iffy on. Regardless, keep your eyes posted on Amazon and take advantage of some great deals!

– Me

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