Changes to Commenting

We love comments. We want you to comment. We wish you guys and gals would comment. So, what have we done to help encourage that? Removed the function where you have to register and be logged in to do so.

Originally, we set that into place because we were getting loads of spam comments, and it made our site cluttered and really shitty looking. Problem with that, is if you are like the two of us, you won’t bother registering for a site in order to leave a comment. You’ll just say “fuck it”. I do it all the time, believe me.

Anyways, our writers really put a lot into their articles, along with the ones Chris and I put up, and we want to know your opinions. This change is to help encourage that ‘community’ feel, so the free commenting system will be in effect for awhile. Should we start to get bombarded with spam, like in the past, we will look into something a little different, so for now…comment your asses off!

– Me

  • yes. Now I can just let loose all over this site. Awesome. 😀

    • Uh oh! I don’t know if I should be happy, or afraid :p

      • Darren

        Sorry did I scare ya? :L

        • Haha, no. It’s honestly something we have thought about for awhile, but spam was the main reason we hesitated. After discussing it again, we figured we might as well give it a shot and see if that small thing is what has been deterring our readers from commenting.

          I guess you could say we are conducting a social experiment right now 🙂

  • Just trying it out! Cool…hate having to register just to make a simple comment!

    • Glad to see you like the change too 🙂

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