Kinect Pricing Revealed

Kinect Pricing Revealed

Ever since Microsoft Kinect was unveiled at E3, many sites have been speculating on the price. The consistent rumor was that it would be at, or around, $150.00, and today it was confirmed.

The standard Kinect bundle, that includes all of the cables needed to hook up to the new slim 360 and the original one, along with a copy of Kinect Adventures is priced at $149.99. If you pre-order the Kinect bundle, you will receive a token, at launch, that will allow you to download three exclusive levels for Kinect Adventures. As of right now, 15 titles are confirmed to be available at launch including Kinect Joy Ride, Kinectimals, and Kinect Sports. According to Amazon, the Kinect sensor w/ Kinect Adventures will be available on November 4th, and those who pre-order can select release-day delivery.

Later this year, a Holiday Bundle will be available featuring a new, different slim 360 and the Kinect sensor. The 360 will feature 4GB of internal flash memory, built in Wi-Fi, and a matte black finish. Kinect Adventures is also included. The package will be priced for $299.99, but there is no definite date.

Should you not want to wait until the holiday shopping season and want to get your hands on that nice 4GB 360 as soon as possible…I have good news. That version will start shipping on August 3rd, and will be available in stores shortly after that.

So, what do you think? Do you think Kinect is too expensive? Are you excited about the Holiday Bundle? Or do you just not care about any of this at all and are satisfied with the 360 you have at home? Sound off below!

– Me

  • Well, they do have a standard Xbox 360 model, and that is the Arcade. It is the cheapest version, and should a person choose to, they can, later on, purchase the external HD. Only problem with that is, by paying full retail price on both, it is cheaper to just buy an Elite. On top of that, the Elite almost always comes with better games than the Arcade since the Arcade is targeted at a younger, E for Everyone audience. Example? Our Elite came with Halo 3 and Fable II. The Arcade bundles I’ve seen come with LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda.

    I disagree on your comment saying “game developers are too lazy to make anything good with it.” I think developers recognize the potential they have here to create a product so amazing that it has the possibility to smash the competition. Even though there are only 15 games slated to be released at launch, it was shown at E3 that other games will be coming out in the months after.

    To compare the DS to the Kinect, it really is like comparing apples to oranges. With the DS, you have a touch screen. With the Kinect, you have voice commands, and the ability to use your entire body. Sure, with the DS you can use your voice in games, and even blow into the mic when using Cooking Mama, but to be able to command your Xbox to shut off, close a chat window, pause a movie or song… that’s incredible.

    Kinect is something I am highly interested in, but I am unsure if I will get it at launch. I might wait a little bit so that any bugs or kinks can be worked out.

    • Well, let me put your doubts about purchasing Kinect at launch to rest. By which I mean no, we aren’t getting Kinect at launch.

  • Austin Alan

    I dont know, the Wii is almost all Gimick Games too…

    developers get carried away with these things and I never see any practicle usage. maybe some puzzle games, some party games, some kids games, and games for casual gamers/old people(BOWLING)

    but I doubt we will see any A+ caliber titles coming out

    I am not opposed to the unit, or concept. I can think of plenty of applications for it right now. I just think it will be sold as a gimmick, and it will retain its gimicky nature for a while without a superior title release

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