Lee Pace Rumored to Join ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast. Wait… WTF?

Lee Pace Rumored to Join ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast. Wait… WTF?

Actor Lee Pace, most known for the hilarious and lovely little show ‘Pushing Daisies‘, is a great actor. I love watching him perform, especially in the highly stylized, brilliant art film ‘The Fall‘. Since then, he’s also been seen in Tom Ford‘s directorial debut ‘A Single Man‘ and can be seen in the recently released to DVD romantic comedy ‘When in Rome‘. However, his next project is one I just didn’t see coming. Lee Pace is in the lead for a new role in the last installment of the Twilight Saga, ‘Breaking Dawn‘.

And then the anti-Twihard masses screamed, “Why, Lee? Why?”

The role is that of Garrett, sparkly vampire Edward’s best friend. In the script, Garrett is described as “a tall, nomadic vampire with sandy hair that he keeps tied back with a leather thong.” His personality is written as “being down-to-earth, laid-back, rugged and having a lightness and element of humor about him.”

Of course. This is the perfect role for Lee Pace…

If Lee Pace were not a quality actor.

I always wondered why Lee Pace weren’t a more popular actor, but praised the choices he made in his roles. Whether the choice to be in the popular series that butchered the vampire was his choice or his agent’s, I am not pleased. On one level, this may be a good choice for his professional career. Lee Pace is not a well known actor, and now it is my impression that he would like to be. Actors don’t choose projects like ‘Breaking Dawn’ because it is close to their heart. On another level, film critics with any sense of dignity at all don’t buy into the hype, and this may affect Lee Pace’s career in the future. Sadly, it’s all really in the hands of the fans. Though there are many anti-Twilighters, there just aren’t enough. Bill Condon, director of both ‘Breaking Dawn’ films is reported saying he aims to take these installments of the Twilight Saga in “a more artsy direction”. Let’s hope so.

Lee Pace already shines on screen, we don’t need him to sparkle damn it!

  • Erik

    Don’t forget Marmaduke. I didn’t see it but Pace was…in it.

    For the record, Pushing Daisies was an AMAZING show. Definitely gone too soon.

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