Leonard Nimoy Explores ‘Secret Selves’

Leonard Nimoy Explores ‘Secret Selves’

Famous Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy has done it again. No, he has not been featured in yet another Star Trek film as pointy eared Vulcan, Spock. Mr. Nimoy has done it again by releasing a new photography series, long awaited by fans of both his art and film, to be featured this weekend at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Though in the past Nimoy’s photography explored the outer beauty of unlikely subjects, his interests now focus on the inner beauty suppressed in daily life. Entitled ‘Secret Selves’, this new series explores sides of a variety of people from different walks of life, expressing their inner spirits. One subject who felt she grew up too fast is seen posing in a dinosaur costume, while others are seen embracing their inner earth child, inner tough-guy, and inner bookworm.

Nimoy has reportedly said that this new series is on one level inspired by the theory that humans once had two halves, but were split apart by an enraged Zeus, condemning us to wander the earth looking for our second half, or soulmate (called Aristophanes’ theory of soulmates). Though the series may seem bizarre, it resonates as a contribution to the near spiritual side of art, delving into unknown sides of everyday people. Though simple, the series has an air of bravery about it, and what is art without courage?

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