Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Thor & Amaterasu Gameplay Footage

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Thor & Amaterasu Gameplay Footage

During the recent San Diego Comic-Con, fans waiting for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game were given new character reveals, trailers, gameplay footage, and more.

One big reveal was the addition of Marvel’s Thor, and Amaterasu from the critically acclaimed Capcom game, Okami. Thor seemed like an easy choice with the upcoming movie, but Amaterasu was a bit of a surprise.

Two gameplay videos have been released of Thor and Amaterasu, and from what I watched, both look to be pretty awesome characters. Thor has some insane moves, and he will probably be one that gamers will start using a lot. Amaterasu has some cool features, but one concern is that when she is on the floor, she is on all fours. Some projectiles, like a hadouken for example, go right over her. Should the game mechanics stay accurate, Amaterasu won’t receive any damage, but should they try and be ‘fair’, some gamers might call bullshit.

Check out both trailers below, and leave a comment below!

  • Austin Alan

    OMG Amaterasu is the new Odd Job!!!! LOL

    • I’m really curious as to how she will play, so while I’m a little skeptical, I can’t really make a final judgement until I get a hands-on with the game.

    • I had a friend who would always play as Odd Job. We hated him for it. We’d end up all scrambling to be Odd Job just so he couldn’t be Odd Job. I always preferred playing as Bond or Trevelyan though (because Sean Bean is awesome).

      • lol Sean Bean practically dies in every movie he is in. That’s hardly awesome. :p

        • You take that back! Sean Bean is awesome.

        • Jake

          He didn’t die in Oblivion 😉

          • I don’t believe I’ve seen that… so my wording is still correct! :p

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