One Thing to Look Forward To: Heroes Season 4 DVD Release

One Thing to Look Forward To: Heroes Season 4 DVD Release

With the August 3rd DVD release of the fourth and final season of NBC’s ‘Heroes‘, I’ve been forced to reminisce about the show that in many ways changed my life.

Beyond being entertaining, both in terms of acting and the occasional laughable dialogue that kept Monday nights both light and intense, it was a real bonding mechanism in terms of my personal relationships. Even beyond that, ‘Heroes’ got me away from my everyday life, transporting me to a place where the most unlikely person could be a hero. At first, watching ‘Heroes’ was a small gathering of my closest friends, but as my love for the show grew I began spreading the word further until our ‘Heroes’ get-together Monday nights turned into a large ‘Heroes’ party, with friends and acquaintances coming to enjoy the company and entertainment.

I learned a lot about myself watching ‘Heroes’. In essence, watching ‘Heroes’ made me feel like a hero, only not in the Science Fiction sort of way. It made me want to take on the qualities of characters such as Peter Petrelli, who was often selfless, or take on the badassery of Noah Bennet, making me feel invulnerable to those stronger than I. I’m even happy to report that ‘Heroes’ got me into comic books, allowed me to become the wonderful geek I am today. The show was more than a show; it became a way of life.

As you can imagine, hearing about it’s cancellation (on my birthday!) was devastating. With no more episodes to look forward to, ‘Heroes’ fans still have one thing to await: The Season 4 DVD release.

Buy the DVD August 3rd and show your support for the show that shouldn’t have been canceled! Also, you’re welcome to share your own ‘Heroes’ story right here in the comments section!

  • Albert G.

    Totally agree with you. Really wanted to see a fifth season get made, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. To bad…the fourth season was awesome.

    I’m also looking forward to some of the special features on the discs:

    I need my Heroes fix!

    • I’m seriously depressed that we aren’t getting a fifth season. I hated the way season 4 ended. I want more Sylar 🙁

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