Recommended Listening: Against All Authority

Recommended Listening: Against All Authority

Against All Authority brings the Recommended Listening series back to the ska genre in a very hard way.  Primarily a ska-core band, Against All Authority mixes the sounds of ska and hardcore punk in a blender of musical glory.  To put it succinctly, Against All Authority will ska-core your normal-music-listening-panties off.

Against All Authority, a band with incredibly deep DIY (do-it-yourself) ethics, started back in 1992 in America’s Wang (Florida).  They have self-released, and released through independent labels, more albums than I am going to bother discussing.  Just know that they are all good.  If you want a good starting point, I suggest the albums Destroy What Destroys You and Nothing New for Trash Like You.

If their heartwarming rendition of J. Giles Band’s Centerfold, perhaps their own “Sacco & Vanzetti” will cheer you up:

-[insert HERE WE GO! here]

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