Recommended Listening: Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

Recommended Listening: Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

Before Streetlight Manifesto, Tomas Kalnoky brought together a group of musicians to create a project known as Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution.  Even though Tomas Kalnoky’s focus has moved on to Streetlight Manifesto, Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution is far from dead.  Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution’s sound has a strong ska foundation to it, but mingled in you can hear classical styles, world music styles, folk styles, and more.

Their only release so far is a 5-track EP called A Call to Arms.  This 5-track EP consisted of four new tracks and one re-worked track.  Dear Sergio, from the Catch 22 Keasbey Nights album, was re-worked for this EP.  This re-worked version was later included in the Keasbey Nights re-release by Streetlight Manifesto.  Another BOTAR track that appeared on this EP, Here’s to Life, was re-worked by Streetlight Manifesto for their debut album, Everything Goes Numb.

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution will be releasing two albums of cover songs in the future, as part of the 99 Songs of Revolution project.  Granted, this band only has five songs to their name, so there’s not a lot to really get into, but hey, that means there’s less of a time commitment for you to give them a shot!

-[insert VIVA LA REVOLUCION! here]

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