Recommended Listening: Enya

Recommended Listening: Enya

I like Enya.  She has a soothing, calming voice set over soothing, calming music.  I picked up this admittedly odd musical choice from my father, who, since as far back as I can remember, has had Clannad and Enya tapes laying around the house.

Enya, born in 1961, started performing with her family band, Clannad, in 1980.  She only stayed with Clannad for a short time, however, before embarking on her solo career, in which she’s made quite a name for herself.  She’s the second largest musical export of Ireland, behind U2.

If you’re in the mood to simply lay back, close your eyes, and relax, there aren’t many better choices of accompanying music than Enya.


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