Recommended Listening: INDK

Recommended Listening: INDK

In much the same way that INXS is pronounced In Excess, extremely short-lived punk band INDK is pronounced In Decay.  This is where the similarities between INXS and INDK end, let me assure you.

Like I said, INDK was an extremely short-lived band, to the loss and disappointment of us all, I am sure.  Formed from members of Leftover Crack and Choking Victim, both slightly more well known bands than INDK itself, they managed to put out one LP and a handful of other songs.  Let me be honest, I can’t really understand a very large portion of the lyrics because of the way the singer chooses to sing them.  I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just putting that out there.  If you like music you can understand and sing along to, this may not be the band for you.

Their one and only album was titled Kill Whitey.  If I were to compare INDK musically to slightly more well-known bands, I might make a passing reference to Pennywise, The Suicide Machines, and other similar bands.  They have a very fast sound, which I like, and for a band with no real production budget to speak of, a very clean sounding record.

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