Recommended Listening: The Epoxies

Recommended Listening: The Epoxies

I’m not entirely sure how to start an article on The Epoxies, to be perfectly honest.  They were…odd.  Pleasantly odd.  Formed as a reaction to the steady decline of stage performance and entertainment in rock music, The Epoxies made massive efforts to set themselves apart from their contemporaries, evoking some of the spirit of bands like Devo in the process.  

The Epoxies describe themselves as “robot garage rock”, which is essentially a punk-influenced New Wave revival.  The costumes were home-made, the performances were eccentric, and the band members were characters.  The band consisted of vocalist Roxy Epoxy, synthesizer…ist FM Static, guitarist Viz Spectrum, bassist Shock Diode, and drummer Ray Cathode.  Visually, they looked like what you’d find randomly strewn about a garage or workshop, with copious amounts of duct tape.  Musically, they were punk-infused New Wave.  Lyrically, they were B sci-fi movies.  With their powers combined they were The Epoxies.

My favorite Epoxies album is their first album, self-titled as The Epoxies.  A clean sound both when slowly building emotion and when racing through my eardrums like a freight train, this album was excellent, and would join Bedouin Soundclash’s Sounding a Mosaic in my top 25 albums.

-[insert DOMO ARIGATO here]

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  • Austin Alan

    I remember when they were a “song of the week”
    you got me into them, awesome sound

    they remind me of the music from Biodome(the movie)

    • Haha, I forgot I had used them as a “Song of the Week” during the MehCast. I’m glad you like them!

  • Austin Alan

    I am glad you told me about them ^_^

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