Recommended Listening

Recommended Listening

There was a time when I was heavily into non-mainstream music.  I still am, it’s just that I no longer have the time necessary to devote to keeping up with new developments.  Many of the bands I enjoyed back in “the day”, however, I still enjoy immensely today.  Many of them have not yet received mainstream recognition, but they remain some of my favorite bands.

For today’s blogathon, most (if not all) of my posts will be music related, seeing as the charity we are supporting, One Love for Chi, directly benefits a wonderful musician who met with an unfortunate accident.  You may or may not have heard of some of these bands already.  If you have, please comment if you agree or disagree with my recommendation.  If you haven’t, please consider giving them a chance.


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  • Erik Schermond

    Oh this is excellent. It’s really hard to wade through so much of the crap to find good new music. Given what I know about you, I’ll probably enjoy many of your choices. Bring it on.

  • Austin Alan

    Nice, I love tunes!
    I still jam out to the last stuff you suggested ^_^

    you have great taste in punk music!

    have you ever heard of Jay Reatard? RIP 🙁

  • Thanks Erik & Austin!

    I have heard of Jay Reatard, but I haven’t heard Jay Reatard.

  • Austin Alan

    This isnt his best song but it was the easiest to find on youtube 😛

    I had just started listening to his music, for about 4 months, and he died.
    he was so young, and his last album really showed promise, tis a shame, but only the good die young I guess.

    • Well, I guess that means I’m going to live forever :p

  • Austin Alan

    I strive to suck, I have to be the worst at everything!!!

    awwwww crap!!!! if I am the best at being the worst then I still die!!!!!!

    I need to get better at being mediocre

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