Rub Down Virtual Wii Women

Rub Down Virtual Wii Women

Coming out on August 9th, Wii owners can download Enjoy Your Massage! from WiiWare. Developed and published by Microforum Ltd., Enjoy Your Massage! will be a massage simulator puzzle game.

Per the official press release: “Enjoy your massage! has been created with the cooperation of a team of psychologists: a special mix of slow breath-rythmical animations and harmonic sound relaxes the player and enhances his emotional involvement.”

Gamers will be hired as an apprentice masseur. As an apprentice you will learn new techniques, prevent your customers from becoming angry, and ensure that you don’t lose your job. While this all sounds pretty mundane, check out the official trailer for it:


Something tells me that this game will be a hit with the men who fantasize about Anime girls. I could be wrong, but somehow I highly doubt that.

  • Austin Alan

    what a BORING looking game!!! 🙁

    I hope Wii offers more than this…I’m getting one soon in prep for the new zelda

    • It may look boring to you, but for some people it will be very stimulating 😡

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