Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

If you’re a music buff like me, you have a playlist for every occasion, every season, every single private dance party. Of all the playlists I make, however, the one I most enjoy is my summer playlist. Though it’s not solely comprised of light, warming tunes, it keeps me going on both the drab days and the days I feel like taking in the hot summer sun. This is a very limited recommendation, but I was going for variety, not quantity.

For nights when I’m alone, I listen to Arcade Fire, a band that advanced into popularity with the release of the film adaptation of ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘. Among their best are tunes from the soundtrack such as ‘Wake Up‘, or for a more serious song listen to ‘My Body is a Cage‘.

During wild days with my friends, whether it be drives to the beach or random dance parties in the kitchen, I listen to all the best modern pop and hip hop. Yes, I allow myself to be subjected to mainstream culture, listening to Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and even Lil Wayne. ‘Drop the World‘ happens to be a personal favorite, and who are you to judge? I digress…

My summer playlist features typical uplifting artists such as Jack Johnson, along with unique artists such as La Roux.

Also, I dare you to listen to ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ by Robyn. It’s the definition of an earworm.

  • Did you like any of the Karen O stuff for the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ soundtrack?

    • Ashley

      Yes! I have the whole soundtrack of just Karen O and the Kids. I listen to it often. 🙂

      • Austin Alan

        I have a few unreleased versions of some songs by La Roux


        I swear she is better than cyndi lauper

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